A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Na Und? is an experimental game of choice. It explores themes of ethics, politics, morality, and the idea of self. As the player answers 55 of 200+ possible questions, it indirectly and abstractly influences the game world. This mechanic gives players the opportunity to reflect on how their perspective can influence the world around them without praising nor condemning their beliefs.

The art style, inspired by the Surrealist movement, is meant to re-emphasize the theme of unrealities.

This game was made during Art Games at the Goethe-Institut of Boston in 2017 and unites the game jam’s themes of art, politics, and unrealities as a thought-provoking art piece. We have found this game especially insightful when played socially.

Team Member                        Primary Role

Devin “Grafton” Brite

Untuned Pianist
Julien Cherry

Josh Dick

Technical Artist
Hannah “Cat Lady” Huddle

“Art” Artist
Noah Senzel

Pixel Pusher



Na Und? macOS 33 MB
Na Und? Windows (x86) 29 MB
Na Und? Linux (x86/x64) 46 MB
Na Und? (WebGL) 23 MB
WebGL.zip 23 MB


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Whoaaa... this game is so deeeep..! :o

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